Atri Cup, as by experts defined, is a mini Olympics which for 32 years hosts in Atri (Abruzzo) hundreds of young athletes coming from various regions of Italy and from many different Countries.

Boys and girls of different races, cultures and languages, who come together in Atri to compete but also to meet, to forge bonds of friendship to compare styles and ways of living and thinking, but above all to boost with a message of world peace.

A cultural and sporting project that is growing and that never fails to improve; for many young people the Atri Cup has long been a credible point of reference.

Since 1986 has come a long way, starting with the International Youth Football Tournament “City of Atri,” with the participation of a large number of youngsters of various categories: “pulcini”, “esordienti”, “giovanissimi” and “allievi” of different nationalities.

Over time, the program of the event has become richer, affecting a wider audience: in each edition new disciplines have been added, with a prominent place to the disabled people, young athletes who compete with amazing skill, in interesting disciplines. Now the Atri Cup proposes the most important olympic and paralympic sports.

Friendship, solidarity, the yearning for peace are values that characterize the Atri Cup, which connote and make it unique, and that more and more qualify as an event of a great prestige sporting, in social and cultural development.

32th Edition: June 1 – July 1, 2018

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